Frederiksborg Horse Breeder Association
This warmblood breed was started in Denmark by King Frederik II during the 16th Century.  They are used for dressage, carriage work, endurance competitions, and hunter-jumper.  Strong legs and strong backs are trademarks of the breed. Can you say TEMPERAMENT?  These warmbloods have an extraordinary disposition, being easy to train and offering no resistance. Stallions are calm and mannered.  Purebred foals for sale.  Yearling Isabella (white) stallion prospect available for sale. Photos available soon. E-mail Hans or Rebecca Christensen at

Emperor is currently standing in Yale, Oklahoma, with transported cooled semen or frozen semen options available:

Registered Name: Kejser Af IglsØ
Show Name: EMPEROR
AWR# USA 406039680394
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2 year old colt for sale:

FHF Federic
Foaled 5-30-05
Purebred Danish Warmblood Frederiksborg Stallion
color : Isabella
His sire is Emperor ( Kejser Af Iglso ) and the dam is Estell Fuglebjerg.
Pictured as a yearling. He has been started lightly.

2 year old filly for sale:

FHF Freja
Foaled 6-6-05
Color : chestnut with white stockings
The sire is Emperor and the dam is Enja Fuglebjerg
She is also a purebred Danish Warmblood Frederiksborg.
Pictured as a yearling

For More Information on these wonderful horses contact
Hans and Rebecca Christensen
23515 E. 6th Street
Yale, Oklahoma 74085

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